Selling Your Business – How It’s Done

DMA’s process has been developed and refined over 22+ years. No detail is overlooked, no problem is new or unforeseen, and solutions exist for virtually every situation. It is a formula for success that our national advisory network and administrative support professionals have refined and developed into a systematic approach that we can replicate with confidence time after time.

Sale Process - How It’s Done

1. Business Preparation

Ensuring both you and your business are well prepared.

DMA offers an optional Sale Preparation Program, designed for business owners who have not previously sold a business. Alternatively, a Preliminary Pricing Strategy can be prepared to provide an early indication of anticipated price range.

2. Engagement

Launching the project.

When you are ready to proceed, we will send you an Engagement Agreement and Request For Information to get the process under way.

3. Document Preparation

Gathering, analysing and showcasing the strengths of your business.

The Information Memorandum (IM) is the principal marketing document. DMA prepares a sophisticated and comprehensive IM, along with other supporting marketing material, which is sent through for your approval prior to commencement of marketing.

4. Marketing

Unrivalled and industry-leading direct targeted marketing capability and process while maintaining client confidentiality.

DMA’s transaction advisory services are the national benchmark for the sale and acquisition of businesses in the $1M - $100M+ range. The strategies DMA has developed for marketing are targeted, innovative, flexible, creative and broad-based.

Your business is marketed to strategic buyers at the top of the business food chain. Our proprietary database identifies only those buyers and partners who seek and recognise the strategic value in your type of business – and who have the motivation and wherewithal to acquire them. They are generally Australian and internationally listed and unlisted entities. Our M&A database continually tracks and updates the financial details, acquisition aspirations, and growth capabilities of these companies.

5. Negotiating

Delivering as many offers and attractive buyer options as possible.

The Negotiating Phase comprises Qualifying, Questions and Inspections, leading to one or more offers or formal expressions of interest.

6. Terms Agreed

Key milestone - committing to the intending buyer.

Once the parties agree to proceed, DMA prepares the draft Terms Sheet, Letter of Intent or Heads of Agreement as appropriate, setting out agreed terms.

7. Contract to Completion

Continuous and close management of the complete process to completion.

DMA is actively involved with all aspects of the contract negotiation, due diligence and completion.

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