Divest Merge Acquire welcomes close partnering relationships with professional services providers. We also welcome new member firms to our M&A advisory network.

Our reach is not only broad but deep. Divest Merge Acquire operates nationally and our network of member firms and business partners reaches into communities small and large throughout the continent. Hundreds of local advisors are made aware of every business opportunity, so no opportunity is overlooked. More than 98% of clients are referred by former clients, accountants, lawyers and other professional service providers. Our extensive grid of advisors all work diligently within their local and regional layers of the network to find the right buyer, seller, or partner for your company.

Partner with DMA

We welcome close partnering relationships with professional services providers including accountants, lawyers and financial service providers.

Do you have clients looking to sell their business, find an investor or expand via acquisitions?

Where an introduction to Divest Merge Acquire results in a transaction, upon request, we will pay a Partnering Fee on completion.

A Partner agreement is most suited to accountants and other professionals who would prefer to refer clients to Divest Merge Acquire and take a minor role in the process.

A Business Partner Agreement can be provided upon request.

I have worked with the DMA team on a number of complicated, high pressure, and high value transactions. The DMA team works harder than anyone I have met in the M&A space and is single minded in getting the job done in the most efficient manner to get the best results for their clients. I thoroughly recommend DMA to any mature business person looking to dispose of, merge or grow their business.
Rob Lalor, Director - Redchip Lawyers

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