Selling your business is a major life event in a highly complex and competitive marketplace.  It’s a field fraught with volatility, regulations, and potential pitfalls – where the sharks and wolves look just like the lambs and fish.  Just as you know best about the complexities and intricacies of succeeding in your business, we are the consummate professionals in the world of Divestments, Mergers and Acquisitions.

We aim to make the experience as successful and trouble free as possible – cutting through all the bureaucratic red tape, complying with a minefield of regulations, and negotiating a full-value deal for the business that was nurtured to success by many years of your sweat, toil and tears.  The optimal outcome can only be achieved through astute analysis, judicious advising, shrewd planning, and full utilisation of every available tool that will give you the edge and the clout to ensure success.

That’s where Divest Merge Acquire shines. We have the top executive team, the start-of-the art database, the finely-tuned systems, and the most experienced and knowledgeable support staff in the industry – all prepared to serve your unique needs. At Divest Merge Acquire, we have continuously invested in and refined our team, processes, and database for more than 15 years. We apply our experience and resources to attain the full value of your business quickly and efficiently. Our services are in demand because we succeed where others merely suffice. We take pride in the great results we routinely achieve for our clients.

Success breeds loyalty. That’s why our primary source of new business is referrals. More than 85% of our clients are referred by accountants, other business professionals, and former clients who are familiar with our track record. Clients include business owners, private equity groups, and local and overseas listed companies seeking acquisition targets in specific industries.

Divest Merge Acquire markets businesses nationally and globally, and also sources acquisition targets using the same marketing resources that have made us the best in sales. Our market is comprised of businesses with Enterprise Values (EVs) $1M-$100M+. Our buyer network is composed of public companies, private equity firms, medium and large private companies, and private investors.