Who will buy your business: Part 4 Publicly Listed Companies – Video

Publicly Listed Companies get extra benefits from acquisitions. Understanding this can unlock great outcomes when selling your business.

This is part 4 of a series of videos analyzing the motivations of buyers and the dynamics of the markets in which they operate.

In this video we look at what drives publicly listed companies to make business acquisitions.

Publicly listed companies operate with a different set of business dynamics to private companies. Understanding their motivations is essential to optimizing your outcome when selling a business.

This video completes our series discussing who will buy your business and the different markets buyers operate in.

Director, Tony Brown, helps a global audience of Business Owners and Investors understand the in’s and out’s of business sale transactions, and how to prepare themselves and their businesses for the most important transaction in their business lives; through TonyBrown.net.

The video can be viewed here: https://tonybrown.net/who-will-buy-your-business-publicly-listed-companies/

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