How to sell a business: Retain key employees during a business sale – Video

Losing key staff can not only cripple a business, but destroy your chances of selling.

In this video, we’ll run through HOW to avoid this by not only retaining your key staff during a business sale, but getting their help in the process.

When selling a business, consider that the sale process can destabilize your team. If not handled well, this can lead to losing key team members.

Fear of this happening can paralyse a business owner from taking any action towards selling, rendering the owner a prisoner in their own business too scared to sell in case it triggers an exodus of customers and staff.

Fortunately, there are a few simple strategies that can not only reduce the risk, but increase the overall value for any buyer.

Director, Tony Brown, helps a global audience of Business Owners and Investors understand the in’s and out’s of business sale transactions, and how to prepare themselves and their businesses for the most important transaction in their business lives; through

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