Testimonial – Keith & Marilyn Guy

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“Tony Brown and the entire team at Supertrac sold our business of 20 years by conscientiously and professionally following their own quality marketing literature ie. what you read is what you get.Thank you to Tony, David and all personnel at Supertrac for their assistance throughout the divestment of our Brisbane business.From our initial meeting to discuss our Operations, Tony’s knowledge and professionalism was apparent. My expectations of an optimum sales price lifted considerably after open discussions and information regarding the entire marketplace rather than confined industry perceptions. An exceptional Information Memorandum (IM) was produced after consultation to provide a comprehensive document for qualified prospective purchasers.  The communication skills exhibited by all staff were exceptional throughout the sales process. Solicitors/Purchasers/Advisors were challenged by Supertrac when necessary to ensure our best interests were maintained in achieving a quality outcome. I believe Tony and his team provide the perfect link between Vendor and Purchaser. In our situation, the marketing cycle achieved 2 signed contracts presented for assessment, followed by expert assistance throughout due diligence and changeover to ensure a successful outcome for all parties.”

Keith & Marilyn Guy Jaybel Office Choice February 11, 2016

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