Why astute investors are buying businesses now

Supertrac interacts with a wide spectrum of business acquirers, from high net worth individuals, to private and public companies and private equity firms.   Whilst many would-be investors are spooked by global economic uncertainty, astute players are seizing the opportunity the current market presents to forge ahead with their acquisition plans. For them, the acquisition […]


Selling your business. Who are the buyers?

It is important for business owners who intend selling in the future to understand the motivations of prospective purchasers and the dynamics of the markets in which they operate.   Purchasers of businesses for more than $1M have been grouped into broad categories according to their investment strategy and funding mechanism. Many investors are hybrids […]


Choosing an M&A advisory firm – An advisor checklist

Selecting an advisor for an event as significant as a business sale can often be a difficult decision. To assist in the process, we’ve put together a suggested checklist to adopt when conducting your ‘due diligence’ on an M&A advisor, based on some of the key questions we get asked routinely. Divest Merge Acquire – Supertrac’s […]

Apportioning the sale price

In any business sale transaction tax implications are a critical consideration. One of the key factors in determining after-tax outcomes can often be the apportionment of sale price to individual assets.   In most cases the vendor wants to minimise the allocation to stock, depreciable assets and non-concessional CGT assets, while the purchaser wants the […]


About your advisors – a fireside chat

The stakeholders in a business sale/purchase transaction have differing needs and concerns. You need to understand these so you can make correct decisions. With transactions involving individuals who may have never before purchased or sold a business, a fireside chat is often useful to explain how the process works. Here are some observations that are […]